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Catalytic Type Gas Sensor


NAP-57A is a new developed products based on NAP-56A. It can be used in combustible gas detectors in industrial and commercial applications, and has good detection sensitivity in HMDS and H2S toxic gas environment. Power consumption and pin location are same with 55A and 56A.



NAP-52A is a newly developed catalytic type gas sensor can detect C-H combustible gas. Power consumption and pin position are equivalent to the conventional model of our NAP-50A. NAP-52A has been imprvoed the resistance of silicone steam, and has performance of anti-alcohole steam interference as NAP-50A. However, its sensitivity of combustible gas detection is lower than NAP-50A.



Low-power catalytic combustion gas sensor, which is mainly used in combustible gas alarm and portable gas leak detector.



NAP-50A is catalytic combustion gas sensor, which is characterized by small size, low-power, and high-speed response. The detectable gases include methane, propane, hydrogen, hydrocarbon, and etc. Moreover, NAP-50A also has extremely low sensitivity to alcohole to avoid false-alarm occured.



2A is a general-purpose type gas sensor which has a wider range of application; it is mainly used for alarm. 3A refers to the model of general-purpose LP gas sensor.



NAP-56A is a small-size, low-power catalytic combustion gas sensor, which is the improved version of NAP-55A, and its sensitivity has been improved 15% compared with NAP-55A. Its shell and base are made from corrosion-resistant, high temperature resistant metal and bakelite, and it enjoys much longer service-life and mainly used in combustible gas alarm and portable gas leak detectors.